P E T E R    T E R E S Z C Z U K 


Viennese Sculptor









  P. Tereszczuk usually marked his art work.


Following are some of the possible signatures.




Table Bells and Bell Pushes made by Peter Tereszczuk

are among the best for any bell collector.

  They are considered to be real pieces of art.


The Austrian sculptor (1885 - 1963) specialized in forming

 sculptures of charming boys and girls or young ladies.

Often in combination of bronze and ivory.


In order to honour this great Viennese sculptor 

I made a thorough research of his life several years ago

which finally resulted in the only known documentation about him.


In the following I state a few details out of the book I published in 2004.


Peter Tereszczuk was born on 9th of  February, 1875 in Wybudow / Galicia -

 part of the then called Austrian-Hungarian Empire

 (today Ukraine and parts of Poland).


He left home and parents at a young age and was taken to Vienna by a nobleman

recognizing his skills. In Vienna he studied from 1893 to 1899 at the Arts and Crafts School

under Professor KLOTZ in the beginning wood carvings

 and obtained the professional grade of a sculptor.


Peter Tereszczuk was married and had 3 children (twin girls and a boy).

He lived and worked in Vienna at the Zollergasse 43 - which is in the section of

the city where most of the foundries and makers of the famous "Vienna Bronzes" where

operating at the beginning of the 20th century.


He died in Vienna on the 14th of August, 1963.





Some typical examples of


   Table  and Push Bells




  Peter  T E R E S Z C Z U K  




Above mentioned details are part of my long time research

published for the first time in 2004.


Recently (in 2012) - I published a revised edition of the previous documentation

with more information and photos of his work.


This reference book is now available in book stores or via the internet

just indicating for your search


T E R E S Z C Z U K 


(ISBN 978-3-86386-280-0) 


(further details under index 12 - Literature on bells)




Other selected sculptures by


Peter Tereszczuk