Bells, gongs and drums seen on recent trips abroad


My latest trips took me to sunny Cuba, amazing Myanmar,  wonderful Vietnam, colourful

Thailand, fabulous Cambodia and Laos and again and again to incredible India, to beautiful

JAVA and BALI and finally in 2014 and 2015 on long cruises from Venice to South America.


Along the way I met many friendly people and saw so many fantastic monuments

that I almost forgot to take photos of bells. 



Our cruise in December took us from Venice to Buenos Aires. Venice is the ideal starting point for such a cruise and December the best month to travel because the weather for us "Northern" people is the beginning of a long and cold winter season full of rain and darkness.


Following are a few images of the beautiful sunny places on our way by the

MSC POESIA to South America.





This time I show only a few photos of our long cruise on the MS SPLENDOUR of the SEAS

and let you guess which places we visited on this splendid voyage in 2014.



Following are only a few impressions of the fascinating people, incredible monuments

and numerous bells during a recent trip to Cambodia, Laos and Thailand.







It is already December 2013 and the year is coming to its end.

I just returned from my latest trip that took me to some of the

beautiful Carribean islands and bordering countries like Jamaica, Honduras, Belice and

Mexico. It is always nice to escape a few weeks from our miserable European winter weather and

shorten thus the time until spring. This time it was a rather comfortable jouney on one of the largest

cruise ships actually sailing the seven seas - the Navigator of the Seas. We started our crossing in

Barcelona and finished in Galveston / Texas after 4 weeks.


Following are some  impressions of our trip.








In March 2013 we returned for a 2nd visit to the beautiful island of




My 1st visit took place in 1995. Not much has changed in all these years.

People are still poor but inspite of it remain very friendly towards foreigners.The nice weather

and happy music helps a lot to overcome the actual economical difficulties.


Following are some of the bells and impressions collected.







 I had a chance in January 2013 to visit amazing




What a fascinating country and wonderful people -

 always with a smile in the face and so many interesting bells!




Travelling took me in March 2012 for a few weeks to 

beautiful JAVA and marvelous BALI.





 I realized one of my eternal travelling dreams by visiting in 2011

Vietnam and above all CAMBODIA with Angkor Wat.






Between 2010 and 2012 my trips took me three times to fabulous and

incredible INDIA with its fantastic monuments, beautiful country sites,

 friendly and colourful people.


(The North incl. Benares, Agra and Khajuraho)


 Hope to return again one day! 





This trip took me in 2011 to the South of India.

(Madras, Bangalore,Kerala) 


Fabulous, incredible, wonderful.


Words can not describe the beauty of that part of the world.









The following images show more bells which I saw during my recent trips to India.


India is certainly one of the most fascinating countries in the world. It is so colourful with largely

poor but happy and friendly people.



This incredible young dancing couple has many bells attached around the ankle. They make a wonderful

sound in accordance with their movements.







The enormous NANDI bull in Mysore has a chain

 of bells around his neck

and a small bell for worship on the side.

The incredible sculpture is made of a solid rock and

dates back to 1659.







A variety of smaller temple bells.

They can be seen in numerous

 numbers in Indian temples.






Collection of different types

of Indian bells

in a typical local

antique shop.





A unique application for bells

 as key holder.


The room nomber is marked

 on each bell.






More bells and colourful people seen during my trip to incredible India in 2010

"The Northern Part 1"