2. General remarks about my collection



When I found my first table bell (as a present for a good friend)

about 30 years ago I could not imagine at that point that it would

be the start of an interesting collecting activity

which still keeps me busy today.




Collecting things can be a lot of fun and a most rewarding activity

apart from the daily task of making a living.

Since it is equally nice to share similar interests with other collectors

I thought it might be a good idea to make part of my collection

known to fellow collectors and a wider public.


There is not much literature available on bell collecting.

However some information can be obtained via the


American Bell Association

(see link on page 15)



The concentration of my collection is mainly on


European Table Bells


of all types (tin, pewter, bronze and silver).


A further section shows handpainted Animal Souvenir Bells




Bell Push Buttons


More details about my own collecting activities are available for the

interested reader in three books which I published recently.


(see index no. 12)